About us

Metalprod S.R.L. born as a modern company founded in mid-1999 with the MISSION of supply high quality products and personalized technical service for foundries of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Being today one of the most recognized suppliers of the local industry, supported by the confidence of customers and suppliers along the years.

Metalprod is in a leading position in the manufacture of refractory paints for molds and cores and in the commercialization of a wide range of products for the foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as phenolic resin, nodulizing, inoculants, refractory materials and temperature measurement and carbon equivalent equipment.

Quality and service

We are committed with the continuous improvement of our service based on the Personalized Service and the Certified Quality of our products.

Free technical assistance

We have qualified personnel in foundry, with industrial and academic experience, dedicated to the Assistance and Training activities in order to solve concrete metal problems for free.

Immediate delivery

We provide an immediate delivery service, which allows our customers to ensure the availability of products at the time they need them.