Quality and service

At Metalprod we are permanently committed to provide products and technical services for the metallurgical industry to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. We take special care in our customer service, complying with the commitments and promoting an efficient competitiveness in the market. Additionally, we have a system that allows us to measure, analyze and improve the efficiency of the processes through a management of constant quality improvement.

Since 2005, we have ISO 9001 certification, assuming the commitment to be at the forefront of the development of industrial products and applications to obtain an efficient production, confirming day by day our leadership in the market.

We develop our activities committed with the preservation of the environment with the external advice of a specialist in the field.

We provide pre and post sales services with technical assistance about materials, induction furnaces assembled processes, molding, fusion and casting. We provide support and training for foundry staff in their workplaces, about the use of the products we sell, with technicians and engineers experienced in the industry.